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 [Vingsdoll]68cm Male Bodies /All Heads/70cm Ver.2 Body Released
Hi dear,Vingsdollreleased all the heads/68cm male body / 68cm male body Ver.2/70cm male body Ver.2/B.J hands.There are so many skin tones you can choose this time. In the fufure,the skin tones will be less.All the items are in the below link:stacyspinkocean.com
 *About shipment(2020.05)
*About shipment: Because of COVID-19,EMS is not stable,slow and very expensive.You can choose EMS or air mail when you place your order.If EMS is still not fine when the doll is ready,we will ship the doll by other shipping method.Before we ship it,we will contact you.So,don't worry about the shipment.
 【Echo Town】Group Buying
Echo Town dolls group buying.It is a good chance to get Echo Town beautiful girls.You can enjoy5%discount.You can choose girls in tan or pink skin tone.Time:2020/5/12~2020/5/31 *About shipment: Because of COVID-19,EMS is not stable,slow and very expensive.You can choose EMS or air mail when you place your order.If EMS is still not fine when the do...
 Layaway Info & Guide
Layaway Info & Guide *TermWe can offer short-term installment from two weeks to eight weeks. Long- term installment is also available, you can contact with us for details.The longest time is 12 month.*Minimum ValueInstallmentisonlyavailableoverpurchases of50 us dollar.*DepositAt least 10 percent deposit of the total price of the product must be...
 Notice for Dream Valley Brand
Notice for Dream Valley Brand Due to the expiration of the agency,we stop selling Dream Valley brand. This is hereby announced. 2021/04/02
 Dream Valley 2021 New Year Event (2020.12.30 - 2021.01.29):
Dream Valley 2021 New Year Event (2020.12.30 - 2021.01.29):a.Cheer,Bless,Bethel,Gloria,Beth,Glory,Banshee Chest: 10% off.b. Order over $760 of DV products: get a nudeBanshee Chestas gift.
  Aimerai 2020 Christmas Event (2020.12.09 - 2021.01.09):
 Dream Valley2020 Christmas Event(2020.11.27-12.27)
Dream Valley 2020 Christmas Event (2020.11.27 - 2020.12.27):a. New dolls Hela Jellyfish, Rin Jellyfish, Hela Human, Rin Human: 5% off.b. Order over $600 of DV products: get a nude Kiki as gift.
  MYOU Doll 11.11 Event (2020.11.11 - 2020.11.14):
MYOU Doll 11.11 Event (2020.11.11 - 2020.11.14):* 15% off for all MYOU dolls & doll bodies.
 LoongSoul New Doll Promotion (2020.11.11 - 11.20)
LoongSoul New Doll Promotion (2020.11.11 - 11.20):* New DollYan Qi,Yan Qi (Fullset): 15% off.
 Dream Valley New Dolls Promotion (2020.09.28 - 10.19)
a.New Dolls Alter (nude & fullset), Sirius (nude & fullset): 15% off.b. OrderAlterorSirius: get aNude Hawthorn or Plumas gift.OrderAlter FullsetorSirius Fullset: get aFullset Hawthorn or Plumas gift.
 LoongSoul 2020 National Day Event (2020.09.21 - 2020.10.10)
a:All dolls and bodies: 10% off. b:Order over $750 of LoongSoul products: get a nudeMoon Rabbitas gift.
 【GuuDoll】New Event!
Sale period:15.10.2019~07/11/20191.Get 12% off for all items2.Get 12% off and a random head for the new whole doll Niord.(You can choose which doll as a gift)3.If you purchase two or more than two bodies,you can ask for adjusting the skin tone without any extra payment.
 【METIS Dolls】Two Supermodel Dolls-Molly and Erin(Special Event)**
Hello!Allow us to introduce a new BJD brand to you—METIS DOLL. The artist is a Chinese girl.She has been working on her supermodel dolls for 4 years.She created two dolls-Erin and Molly.I think that they are so wonderful and charming!Skin colors: White; Chocolate(black)Feet styles: Normal; Super high heel; High heel; Ballet (four types are all incl...
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