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LOONG SOUL Spring Fairy-GouMang

Spring Fairy-GouMang
50 Fullsets Limited
Release Date: 16th May, 2019
From 16th May, 2019 to 16th June, 2019,
Event A: 12% off for JuMang fullset and a Jade Ritual Tablet as free gift;
Event B: 12% off for JuMang basic set and accessories, and one jade tablet ($36) available for each GouMang order;
Event C: 10% off for orders only with GouMang outfit.

PS: The Jade Ritual Tablet does not participate in any events. The event A/B/C does not combine with each other or other events. JuMang's oufit only participate in Event C.


PostTime:May 27,2019

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